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Virginia Giles

Looking Within Clairvoyance

Psychometric Readings 

Sometimes life throws us obstacles.

Sometimes we are given the stepping stones to make a path for the future. But often life leaves us wondering what to do next...

Discover clarity in the complexities of life through the help of Psychometric Readings.Via the use of energy exchange, generally using jewellery as a tool, clairvoyant, Virginia Giles provides detailed readings of your life. Although touching on the past and future, the main purpose of these readings are to help you find direction and confirmation of the many hurdles and situations that you find in the present.

Find confirmation and understanding in situations that can seem helpless. Connect with the loved ones, connect with those that have been lost, but more importantly connect with your inner self.

Psychometry Readings allow you to express and discover your emotions within a safe and comfortable environment. They offer direction and understanding of why life can seem tiresome and difficult at times, and provide us with the tools to regain self esteem and inner strength.

During these readings, Virginia Giles also reads ones Aura, enabling her to pinpoint areas of weakness or vulnerability, such as problems with communication.

Discover an alternative method to resolving personal problems and finding clarity of mind. Find direction and confirmation within you life. But most importantly open your heart and your mind and find strength and love within yourself.


Sivananda Yoga Teacher

Mahadevi is a fully qualified Sivananda yoga teacher and also has a Diploma in Brahma yoga. Both diplomas were obtained in India and are internationally recognised.

She also teaches Tibetan Heart yoga, which is the union of two sacred and ancient yoga lineages.

Her classes combine Tibetan Heart yoga meditations with Sivananda (Hatha) asanas, breathing techniques and relaxation. Mahadevi has been teaching in the Nambucca Valley for the past ten years, also in India and Dubai. Yoga is her passion.

Shaun Phillips

Clairvoyant / Medium

Is a highly experienced medium. He is a very talented clairvoyant with a long history of thorough & accurate readings dealing with your past, present & future issues or events. 

Emmajean Welland

Psychic readings, Reiki, Hypnotherapy & Vibrational Healing

Psychic Readings With Emmajean .

For all those times in life when you need a little guidance. No matter what your questions may be, Emmajean help you find your way.

Introducing Emmajean!

I don't remember a time when I didn't know we were all connected to something greater far bigger than we know.. which lead to an

interest in wholeness, mind body and spirit all being connected. I believe the human body is like an antenna to higher realms and when

in balance we can truly feel the joy in simply being alive. I know that the human path is a hard one but it is not without reward as I believe

it is an acceleration process of the souls journey a journey where we have the opportunity to remember who we really are. we are powerful entities with many abilities that sometimes go untapped for many lifetimes and Id like to help you on your journey to get to know yourself

and your true capabilities. I like do this through wholeness from the physical to the spiritual creating that wonderful balance and awareness

of self that can then ripple out and affect others in such a joyous way... allowing you to know even in the times where you feel you can’t go.

on or you feel that life is unfair that there is a divine plan, there is a reason for the learning's, that you are powerful and beautiful and you

can transform yourself and your life in any way that you choose.


Crystal Energy Healing and Holistic Relaxation Massage

Tanya is a fully qualified Crystal Healing Practitioner, Massage Therapist & Reiki Practitioner.

Crystal Healing - is a gentle non-invasive form of alternative healing that works holistically to harmonise the mind, body, emotions and spirit, helping to increase our feeling of well-being, neutralise negativity, lift depression and to help us to become integrated, whole beings.

Crystal Therapy is the ancient art of laying-on-of-stones. Crystals and Gemstones are laid on the body over the chakra points and around the body to help energy flow. Each chakra resonates to a particular colour, so by laying a stone of that colour over the chakra, the chakras open, align and blend with one another. When the chakra system is balanced, the physical body is able to innately self-correct and heal.

Holistic Relaxation Massage - (is based on Swedish Massage). Massage is an aid to the body’s natural mechanisms to release stresses, which have built up over a period of time. It promotes suppleness of the muscles, improves circulation and reduces stress.